Farmers launch sit-in agitation demanding an increase of sugarcane rate to Rs 500 per quintal

Betiya, Bihar: Sugarcane farmers under the banner of Bihar state sugarcane producer association organised a sit-in agitation in front of Mazauliya sugar mill demanding a hike in sugarcane price to Rs 500 per quintal, reports Dainik Bhaskar.

Prabhuraj Narayan Rao, secretary of the organisation said that with the existing rate, farmers are not able to get even the amount they have spent on growing cane.

With the increase in input costs, farmers are reeling under a financial burden to meet their daily needs. The government has increased FRP by only Rs10 which is not sufficient for farmers to incur their losses, he said. The government should increase the cane price to Rs 500 per quintal, he said.


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