Farmers of Mandya district need timely crushing of sugarcane: Yaduveer

Mysore: The Royal family of Mysuru wants the sugar mill from Mandya district to start operations so that the sugarcane farmers will be benefited from it.

Writing on his Facebook page, Yaduveer Krishnadatta Chamaraja Wadiyar, member of the erstwhile royal family, has expressed the need for timely crushing of sugarcane in the interest of farmers.

In his Facebook post, he said, ” The District of Mandya is synonymous with growing sugarcane and the sugar industry. The continued resistance toward the privatisation of the MySugar Mill is understandable given the heritage of the institution, however, the resistance is a cause for concern as the farmers of Mandya district need a timely start to the crushing of sugarcane so that they can sell their crop. The inability of the government to run the mill and public sentiment against complete privatisation means we have but one option, i.e. to run the mill under an operations and maintenance (O&M) system.”

“This middle ground will ensure that public sentiment against privatisation is satisfied. Also, the mill can once again prosper and, most importantly, the sugar cane growers of Mandya don’t have to have to face a crisis”, he further added in a post.

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