Farmers receiving timely cane dues due to ethanol production boost: Nitin Gadkari

New Delhi: The ethanol blending policy of the government is crucial as it impacts a total of 189 Parliamentary constituencies in the country where sugarcane is grown, said Union road transport minister Nitin Gadkari, reports The Times of India.

If the ethanol blending program had not accelerated then the leaders representing these constituencies would have faced the issues of pending cane dues to the farmers from sugar mills, he said.

During the unveiling ceremony of Toyota Kirloskar’s electric flex fuel vehicle prototype, Gadkari explained that due to the decreased global availability of sugar and the concurrent increase in ethanol production, Indian sugar has been fetching favorable prices. He noted that this scenario contrasts with the past when sugar mills struggled to meet their obligations to farmers. Crediting the government’s proactive stance on ethanol production, he expressed gratitude for the current improved situation. Additionally, Gadkari lauded the timely payment of dues to farmers from Uttar Pradesh, a state known as largest producer of sugarcane.

Gadkari pointed out that farmers have turned to cultivating more sugar due to the relatively limited returns from other crops. He highlighted the potential positive outcomes of introducing flex-fuel vehicles, including environmental benefits and enhanced employment opportunities.


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