Farmers refuse to supply sugarcane to Kinauni sugar mill

Meerut, Uttar Pradesh: Sugarcane farmers have refused to sell sugarcane to Kinauni Sugar Mill, alleging that the mill has not paid them for their produce in previous seasons, reported Live Hindustan.

Farmers in the village of Rohta held a meeting to discuss the issue on Tuesday. They decided that they would not supply their sugarcane to Kinauni Sugar Mill this season and would also not allow the mill to set up a sugarcane purchase center in the village.

The farmers also chased away workers who were repairing the sugarcane purchase center in Rohta. Similar protests took place in the villages of Dungar, Jatpura, Bhola, and Indirashpur.

Farmers are also demanding that the government set up sugarcane purchase centers for other mills in the area.



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