Farmers stage protest after cane supply rejected in Uttar Pradesh

Pilibhit, Uttar Pradesh: Sugarcane farmers staged a protest after mill officials rejected the cane supplied to the Puranpur cooperative sugar mill. As a mark of protest, they blocked the mill yard and the residence of the mill’s general manager, Ramakant Verma.

Farmers alleged that they had been issued supply tickets for the general variety of cane which they harvested and supplied to the mill gate, but it was rejected citing cane quality.

According to the news report published in The Times of India, following the cane supply rejection, farmers jammed the mill yards by parking over 500 tractor-trolleys. In a bid to pacify the growers, district cane officer (DCO), Jitendra Kumar Mishra and the ADM (finance and revenue), Ram Singh Gautam, rushed to the spot along with the police force for mediation on Monday.

The protest was called off after officials assured to invite a team of sugarcane scientists from Shahjahanpur-based UP Council of Sugarcane Research to test the quality of the supplied cane. Meanwhile, the crushing operation of the mill remained suspended.


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