“Farmers suffering due to increased input costs…”: Supriya Sule slams Centre

Mumbai (Maharashtra ) [India], August 23 (ANI): Nationalist Congress Party leader Supriya Sule on Tuesday accused the BJP-led Central government of being anti-farmer and said that the farmers are suffering due to the increased input costs.

She criticised the central government’s decision to impose 40 per cent duty on onion export.

“This government (BJP-led central govt) is against the farmers…The farmers are suffering due to the increased price of fuel and fertilizers.  When they don’t get MSP(Minimum Support Price) for every crop, what they will do?.. As I said this government( Central government) is anti-farmer,” Supriya Sule said while talking to reporters.

She said that the central government was constantly coming up with anti-farmer policies. “If farmers fail to get enough returns for their produce, they will have to stop farming as it will not be an affordable occupation for them anymore,” Sule said.

The NCP leader said that while onions were in surplus in India, the export of the crop is not allowed by the Central government depriving the prospect of farmers getting high prices.

“I tweeted four months ago addressing Piyush Goyal that onion is in high demand in the global market and it is in surplus in India. But the central government not allowed onions to be exported. it was a completely flawed policy for the farmers,” Supriya Sule said.

Several opposition leaders have criticised the Centre’s decision, saying that farmers would not be able to earn enough if they have to pay such a high duty. (ANI)


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