Farmers take up cane cultivation after 30 years in Balasore district


Odisha: After 30 years, the farmers from the Simulia block of Balasore district have started growing sugarcane. The farmers had abandoned cane cultivation due to various reasons.

Now the farmers are taking up the sugarcane cultivation in this area. According to the reports, the farmers from Harisinghpur Panchayat have started sugarcane cultivation after 30 years though the farming has been delayed by 5 months.

The delay in cane cultivation will result in low yield. The climate in the region is suitable for cane cultivation as the farms are located on the banks of the Kansabansa River.

Another reason for the farmers taking up cane cultivation is that the floods destroy the paddy in the hundreds of acres in Ankula, Kabirpur and Harisinghpur that are situated on the banks of Kansabansa every year. Farmers have left taking up paddy cultivation fearing loss every year.

Local farmers have stated that they are turning to sugarcane cultivation as they are facing loss every year. Last year six farmers expressed interest in taking up sugarcane cultivation. These farmers contacted the Agriculture and Horticulture department.

After the department assured them help, these farmers started cane cultivation on 10 acres of land.


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