Farmers to get 4 chances of weighment for their Ganna Purchi

Lucknow: Commissioner, Cane and Sugar Shri Sanjay R. Bhoosreddy said, that under the “Ease of Doing Business” program the cane marketing problems of sugarcane farmers are being resolved concretely through the use of “Information Technology”. by the Department of Cane Development. In this sequence, for the first time in the history of State, arrangements have been made that the over dated ganna purchies of the sugarcane farmer do not go waste and for revalidating them the Cane farmer need not to take rounds of offices and they can easily supply their sugarcane on their all purchies.

Giving detailed information in this regard, Shri Bhoosreddy said that if any supply ticket gets over dated due to non weighment of purchi within stipulated time then the purchi or supply ticket will be automatically revalidated through E.R.P. and will reach farmers approximately after 7 days. This revalidated purchi will be of same serial number as original purchi and will be marked with “H”. In case farmers is not able to supply the Cane on that purchi again within stipulated time then it will be again revalidated for second time with the same purchi number as the original purchi & will be sent to farmers within approximately 7 days period through S.M.S. If the farmer is not able to supply his sugarcane even after second time of the revalidation then the purchi will not be cancelled rather it will be placed in 1 to 15 columns of last fortnight of the main calendar of the farmer. This arrangement will ensure that the farmers purchi do not go waste as the farmer will get 4 opportunity to weigh his sugarcane on a purchi.

Shri Bhoosreddy told that in the past years, over dated Ganna Purchi was revalidated only once, but this year, with the aim of giving maximum facilities to farmers and to increase their cane supply, they have been given four chances. With this, farmers will get plenty of chances to supply their sugarcane on all their Ganna Purchi. He also informed that if the Ganna Purchi, of those farmers who are in queue for weighment at the cane purchasing centers or at the sugar mill gate, is over dated due to some breakdown in sugarmill or by transport issues, they will be given additional time up to 12 hours from the local level for weighment of purchi.

Shri Bhoosreddy said thati in view of the corona pandemic, the printing of paper purchi is completely stopped by the department, only SMS purchis are being made available to farmers. The SMS Ganna Purchi is being received by the farmers in real time and there is also no possibility of it getting misplaced, washed, tearing and reaching in the wrong hands.

He has appealed to the farmers to immediately correct the wrong mobile numbers through department or by themselves through the E-ganna app and they are requested to keep their mobile inbox empty. In remote areas where there is problem of mobile network, acknowledgement Sheet of purchi is beings sent in such villages. Farmers can note down their issued purchi number from that acknowledgement sheet, E-ganna App or from web portal and Can supply their cane by showing that number along with their photo identity card. Sugarcane farmers of the State are taking full advantage of this facility.


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