Farmers turn to sugarcane harvesting machines


Kalaburagi: Sugarcane farmers in the Kalaburagi district are opting for the harvesting machines to cut cane to lower expenditure and resolve the labour shortage issue.

According to the news report published in The Times of India, sugarcane harvesters from Maharashtra move to the Kalaburagi district every season but this year there is a shortage of labour and the farmers are shifting to the machines for cane harvesting.

A sugarcane farmer from the region said, “The cane crushing season has already begun and it is difficult to cut cane with the help of available workforce in the region. Waiting for labourers would delay cane cutting and we would be at a loss if the cane is not sent to the mill in time. Hence we are opting machines to cut cane.”

The Times of India reports that Prashanth Kulali, a farmer in Kulali village, said, “The administration of Renuka Sugar factory in Afzalpur taluk has sent the cutting machines to complete the chopping work and supply the produce to the factory as soon as possible. Sugarcane growers will not incur any losses as a result of machine cutting.”


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