Farmers unhappy over no hike in sugarcane price in Uttarakhand


Doiwala, Uttarakhand: Sugarcane farmers are not happy with the state government’s decision to not hike sugarcane price in Uttarakhand. For the high grades of cane, price is kept at Rs Rs 327 per quintal, whereas for the normal variety of sugarcane, it is kept at Rs Rs 317 per quintal.

The state government has not hiked the rates from the last two years, and cane growers were expecting that the government will increase sugarcane price this season. Sugarcane farmers in the state claim that the cost of sugarcane production is increased; therefore, there is a need to hike cane price.

There are around 10,000 sugarcane farmers in Doiwala region and all opt for cane cultivation as the crop yields give them a good return. However, now they are anguish as the government have not hiked the sugarcane price.

Sugarcane farmers from Doiwala region said, “The sugarcane price has not been raised by the government for two years. It is clear from this that the government is not in favour of improving the situation of sugarcane farmers.”

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