Farmers urged to use high-yielding cane species

Ramkola, Uttar Pradesh: Triveni Sugar Mill in Deoria organized a training program for sugarcane supervisors on Thursday, reported Amar Ujala.

The session focused on enhancing sugarcane yield, increasing farmer income, and bridging the gap between research advancements and on-ground practices.

Dr. KP Singh, a senior scientist from the Sewarhi Sugarcane Research Institute, recommended cultivating high-yielding sugarcane varieties like 13235, 9232, CoLK-14201, and others.

Om Prakash Gupta, Assistant Director of the Cane Institute, addressed the importance of utilizing sugarcane leaves as organic fertilizer. He advised against burning the leaves, instead advocating for composting them. Gupta also encouraged the adoption of intercropping practices.


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