Farmers warn of staging protest at sugar mill for pending cane dues

Shamli, Uttar Pradesh: A panchayat (meeting) of farmers was held at the Nagar Palika Sabha Hall to address the demand for pending sugarcane payment from all three sugar mills in the district. During the meeting, a warning was issued to stage an indefinite sit-in protest at the Shamli Sugar Mill on June 7 if the outstanding payments were not made, according to the Live Hindustan.

Farmer leader Vinod Nirwal stated that Shamli Sugar Mill owes farmers ₹307 crore, Thanabhawan Sugar Mill owes ₹352 crore, and Un Sugar Mill owes ₹203 crore for sugarcane payment. Farmers are suffering due to the delay in receiving their dues. The warning was given that if the mills fail to make the payments by June 7, a mass farmers’ gathering will be organized at Shamli Sugar Mill, and an indefinite sit-in protest will commence.

As reported by Live Hindustan, mill manager Ashok Agarwal disclosed that there is approximately ₹125 crore worth of unsold sugar stock in the mill. Hence, the mill will only be able to make a payment of ₹125 crore during this session, which raised concerns among the farmers.


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