Sanjivani Sugar factory will not operate in next season, Government exploring alternates

Panaji: Sugarcane farmers in Goa were hoping that the state-owned Sanjivani sugar factory will commence soon, but the state government has announced that the mill will not start in the next season.

The mill has registered a loss of Rs 101.22 crore and government after studying the feasibility of continuing the factory will take any decision related to the mill.

Cooperation Minister Govind Gaude informed that the mill faced the annual loss of Rs 8.71 crore due to several issues including unavailability of sugarcane. “Government is also examining the options of renovating/ upgrading the factory or shutting it down forever,” he further added.

The government made sure that sugarcane produced by farmers will be bought at the market price. State chief minister Pramod Sawant said, “Those who produce sugarcane this season would not incur any loss. The government will purchase their sugarcane and supply it to the sugar mills in other states, besides providing support price to these farmers.”

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