Fertilizer shortage due to the Russia-Ukraine war affects farmers

As the Russia-Ukraine war enters its second month, the farmers across globe, including India, are facing the heat due to the shortage of fertilizers, reports Reuters.

Russia and Belarus are two major producers and exporters of fertilizers. Both countries last year accounted for more than 40 per cent of the global export of potash.

Since Russia invaded Ukraine, the supply of fertilizers has been affected across the globe. The prices of fertilizers continue to soar to record highs. The farmers are unable to find fertilizers to buy at some places irrespective of price.

As the prices continue to soar, they are finding it difficult to buy fertilizers which would impact the yield resulting in lower output.

As per a Reuters report, the Indian government is expected to spend Rs 1.55 trillion on subsidies for fertilizers to keep prices at affordable rates.


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