Fight against Covid-19: Uttarakhand urges sugar mills to produce oxygen


Dehradun: Swami Yatishwaranand, minister for sugarcane development and sugar industry in Uttarakhand has asked the sugar mills to start production of oxygen required in treating Covid-19 infected patients. The medical sector is facing a shortage of medical oxygen due to pandemic. He said that two sugar mills in Hardiwar have already agreed to the proposal.

Citing an example of Osmanabad sugar mill in Maharashtra where the oxygen plant is running successfully, he asked the sugar mills in the state to follow the footsteps and start oxygen production, said a letter sent to the ministry secretary Chandresh Kumar.

The minister said he had spoken to the management of the Dharashiv Sugar Mill in Osmanabad and also collected information about a dozen sugar mills that are running oxygen plants in neighbouring Uttar Pradesh.

Producing oxygen during the calamity will help a lot in treating the patients in the state, he said.



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