Fiji: $70.1 million boost to the sugar industry through budget

Fiji’s Sugar Minister Charan Jeath Singh reaffirmed the government’s dedication to addressing historical wrongs in the sugar industry, reported The Fiji Times.

In his budget response in Parliament this week, Singh highlighted that the sugar industry is set to benefit significantly from the budget, with a $70.1 million allocation.

The ministry requested funding to continue 13 initiatives introduced in the 2023/2024 fiscal year.

“The primary concern for any cane farmer has always been the amount they receive for their cane payments,” Singh said. He noted the government’s achievements, paying $91.38 per ton for the 2022 season and $101.08 per ton for the 2023 season.

“Despite the ongoing favourable cane prices, I am grateful that the government has allocated a $4 million sugar price stabilization budget.”

Additionally, $4 million has been allocated to the Cane Access Roads Program to temporarily repair over 3,000 roads, culverts, and crossings.

The ministry has also allocated $1 million for the provision of cane cage bins, aiming to fabricate over 40 cage bins to facilitate the transport of mechanically harvested cane via the rail network, the cheapest mode of transportation for cane.


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