Fiji aims to increase sugar production


Fiji: The Fiji government has asked the management of three sugar mills to bring down the tonnes cane to tonnes sugar ratio (TCTC) down this year. Fiji aims to increase sugar production. TCTC indicates the one tonne of sugar is produced after crushing how many tonnes of sugarcane.

According to the media report, Yogesh Karan, secretary, Ministry of Sugar said, “The mills have been asked to compete with each other as soccer teams compete. The competition will help to figure out the mill which has best TCTC.”

“We are closely tracking the TCTC and the mills have been asked to send the figures to my office on a weekly basis. We are not expecting some drastic changes but hope that this will help in improving sugar production in the country,” he said.

“The Rarawai mill has set a target of TCTC 9.9 that means it will crush 9.9 tonnes of cane to produce one tonne of sugar,” he said.

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