Fiji: Burnt sugarcane affects sugar production

Fiji sugar industry who is struggling to increase the output in the country is grappling to achieve the same. According to the reports, sugar mills received high amounts of burnt cane which will ultimately be going to affect the sugar production in the country. The mill staff of Fiji Sugar Corporation (FSC) are working with stakeholders to improve this situation.

The burnt sugarcane not only affects the quality of cane but also it impacts the sugar output. FSC said, “It is hitting the environment, and in particular the soil health. Fire destroys many insects and organisms.”

Till September 23, The three sugar mills of Fiji Sugar Corporation (FSC) produced 98,852 tonnes of sugar by crushing 1,012,234 tonnes of sugarcane. FSC has stressed that cane fires and the burning of cane must be discouraged at all costs because it hampers sugar production.

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