Fiji ensures smooth supply of sugar


The Fijian Competition and Consumer Commission are closely coordinating with the Fiji Sugar Corporation to ensure that the sugar is supplied to all parts of the country.

Joel Abraham, chief executive of FCCC said that they are coordinating with the traders to ensure maximum sugar is transported from Lautoka to other major centres.

“The supply of sugar has been disrupted due to various containment zones owing to the pandemic and we are doing our best to ensure that sugar reaches all parts of the country. What we’re doing is we are asking businesses to maximize the logistics especially when they are engaging in deliveries,” he said.

“We have so far conducted 1,454 inspections since April 20 and have covered Central, Western and Northern Divisions,” he said.

Abraham says 37 inspections were conducted for Stock and Supply surveillance and 43 for COVID-19 safety measures.


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