Fiji explores partnership with India to set up new sugar mill in Rakiraki

The Minister for the Sugar Industry, Charan Jeath Singh, has concluded a visit to India, where discussions are currently underway regarding the establishment of a new sugar mill in Rakiraki. The purpose of the visit is to stimulate Fiji’s sugar production.

The Ministry has emphasized that this visit, characterized by strategic engagements with leading suppliers of sugar mills, signifies Fiji’s dedication to revitalizing its sugar industry through strategic partnerships and infrastructure development.

During his visit, Singh held discussions with key entities, including the National Federation of Cooperative Sugar Factories, Uttam Sugar Mills Ltd, and the Indian Sugar and General Engineering Corporation.

Singh has underscored the importance of establishing a state-of-the-art plant capable of producing raw sugar, with provisions for an ethanol plant to accommodate potential dynamic increases in production.

According to Singh, the proposed mill in Rakiraki is not only intended to address current needs but also to position Fiji favorably for future developments in the sugar industry, particularly in ethanol production. Additionally, he emphasized the necessity of conducting constructive maintenance on existing mills in Lautoka, Rarawai, and Labasa.

The Minister stressed that improving sugar production facilities is crucial for Fiji’s economic growth and sustainability. The Ministry highlights Singh’s visit to India as a demonstration of Fiji’s commitment to economic development through innovation and sustainability in the sugar sector.

With a focus on strategic partnerships and infrastructure development, Fiji aims to strengthen its position in the global sugar market, ensuring long-term growth and prosperity for its people.


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