Fiji: Farmers to get their cane dues

Fiji: Coronavirus has hit almost all industry worldwide. Also, many who are dependent on them are affected. In Fiji, there was a demand to release the pending dues amid Coronavirus outbreak. Sugarcane farmers in the country are expected to get their third cane payment by tomorrow.

Yogesh Karan, Permanent Secretary for Sugar stated that the payments for this year will be paid out as per the Master Award.

According to FBC News, Karan says stipulated under the Master Award Section, the third payment is the balance of the growers share of the net proceeds of sale received up to and including the last day of February.

It is expected to give relief to cane growers in this grim situation.

Recently, Country’s Former Prime Minister and National Farmers Union general secretary Mahendra Chaudhry asked Fiji Sugar Corporation and Sugar Industry Tribunal to release information on the third cane payment for the 2019 season.


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