Fiji: Lautoka sugar mill to run with full capacity

Starting after repair of the Forced Draft fan blade, it is expected that the Lautoka sugar mill will speed up its operations.

Sunil Chaudhary, acting chief executive officer of Sugar Cane Growers Council said that the cane growers will start cane cutting now as the mill has started its operations smoothly. They were earlier reluctant to cut cane as the mill was not functioning with full capacity.

The Lautoka mill began operations late by three weeks than its scheduled date.

The cane growers were not willing to increase the pace of cane cutting as the mill was not completely operational. The cane farmers were not rushing to get cutters because the mill was not running fully so once this happens, cutters are hired. Hiring them before that would see farmers expenses rise as they would have to continue providing meals, if the mill was not running to full capacity.

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