Fiji mulls to produce sustainable aviation fuel

Fiji is mulling to produce sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), a liquid fuel currently employed in commercial aviation that can slash CO2 emissions, reported FBCNews.

According to Tourism Minister Viliame Gavoka, the global production of SAF currently stands at 200,000 tons, however, the demand stands at over double this value.

The minister envisions a profound impact on the global economy, stating, “Consider the transformative potential. No longer will we be reliant on importing fossil fuels from other nations; we will be self-sufficient in our fuel production right here. This is a significant preparation for a future where we no longer need to wait on countries with fossil fuel resources. The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICO) is spearheading this transformative initiative.”

Gavoka adds that talks are underway with the investors and bankers in this regard.



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