Fiji pays 4th cane payment to sugarcane farmers


Sugarcane growers have received fourth cane payment amounting to 13.73$ per tonne. According to the media report, this now brings the total amount to $75.26 per tonne of cane of the $85 per tonne for the 2019 cane payment.

Graham Clark, CEO, Fiji Sugar Corporation (FSC) had earlier stated that he has considered the request of the Sugar Cane Growers Council’s request to clear the fourth cane payment which was due.

The payment will bring relief to the families of the sugarcane farmers whose earning were stopped due to lockdown and were depending on the sugarcane farmers’ income to run families.

Hoping to increase sugar output, the FSC has appealed the cane producers to produce the quality sugarcane this season. Clark has stated that the farmers should ensure that they send the quality cane to the sugar mills for crushing during this season which starts in July.

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