Fiji Sugar Corporation pays growers under the Farmer Incentive Program

The Fiji Sugar Corporation Limited (FSC) has taken a significant step towards encouraging growth in the sugar industry by paying dedicated growers through its Farmers Incentive Program. As part of this initiative, FSC has disbursed about $1 million to 4924 farmers who increased their cane production during the 2023 season compared to the previous year.

Under this initiative, growers were rewarded $5 per ton for the difference in total cane supplied between the two seasons. This resulted in some farmers receiving over four thousand dollars ($4000) for their commendable efforts to boost cane production. This incentive structure not only recognises growers’ hard work but also serves as a tangible appreciation of their commitment to advancing Fiji’s sugar sector. This incentive will continue.

Commenting on the program’s success, Chief Executive Officer Bhan Pratap Singh stated, “We are delighted to see the positive impact of the Farmers Incentive Program on our farming community. Not only has it rewarded our hardworking growers for their efforts, but it has also encouraged the adoption of best farm management practices, ultimately leading to increased productivity.”

The Farmers Incentive Program is part of a broader effort by the FSC and the Government to support and incentivize the sugar industry’s growth. Recognising the need to reward growers based on their efforts and contributions, the Government allocated $1.0 million as part of the Ministry of Sugar Industry’s 2023-2024 budget for this purpose. The Minister for Multi-Ethnic Affairs & Sugar Industry, Hon Charan Jeath Singh is commended for the initiative taken by the Government. Singh further added, “With this program, we aim to ensure that growers are fairly rewarded for their contributions to the industry. By incentivizing increased cane production and productivity, we are not only securing the future of the sugar industry but also empowering our farming communities.”

Moving forward, FSC remains committed to supporting and rewarding growers who demonstrate excellence in cane production. By continuing to implement innovative initiatives such as the Farmers Incentive Program, FSC aims to create a sustainable and prosperous future for the sugar industry and the nation.


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