Fiji Sugar Corporation plans to buy second hand sugar mill from China

Minister for Sugar Charan Jeath Singh announced that the Fiji Sugar Corporation (FSC) has finalized plans to purchase a second-hand sugar mill from China, which will be installed in Rakiraki. Singh shared this news at the Sugar Research Institute of Fiji Farmers’ Day in Rakiraki last Friday.

Singh stated that a brand-new mill would cost $250 million, whereas the second-hand mill they are negotiating for is expected to cost half that amount. “The mill we are looking to bring from China is only four years old,” he said.

Singh added that the mill has been inspected by a team from FSC, including the chairman, CEO Bhan Singh, and engineers. “They are quite happy with that mill, and it is just a matter of time now to source the funding. Once the funding is secured, we will start organizing this mill.”

He explained that, if the deal goes through, Chinese engineers will dismantle the mill, transport it by boat to Fiji, install it, and ensure its operation. “They will be here for two years to make sure that the mill is commissioned and then they will hand it over.”

Singh also mentioned that the new Rakiraki mill would focus on producing refined sugar. “Currently, all our refined sugar is imported. There is a huge demand for refined sugar in Fiji and the Pacific Islands, and refined sugar has a better value,” he stated.


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