Fiji Sugar Corporation produces over 91,000 tonnes of sugar so far

The three sugar mills of Fiji Sugar Corporation (FSC) so far with a recovery rate of 10.2 per cent produced 91,400 tonnes of sugar by crushing 9,34,301 tonnes of sugarcane. According to the FSC, Lautoka sugar mill recorded the highest weekly crush over the last three years.

On the other hand, Rarawai Mill’s is also making progress in sugar production. According to the reports, Rarawai sugar mill produced 3,099 tonnes of sugar by crushing 28,819 tonnes of sugarcane.

Speaking about Labasa sugar mill, it had an average week. Labasa made 38,798 tonnes of sugar by crushing 376,015 tonnes of sugarcane.

The rate of operation is significantly better than in the past two years.

FSC has stressed that cane fires and the burning of cane must be discouraged at all costs because it hampers sugar production.

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