Fiji Sugar Corporation workers back at work


The economic situation in Fiji is returning to a normal level. The 130 workers attached with the Fiji Sugar Corporation (FSC) that were sent on unpaid leave are now back at work.

They were sent on unpaid leave in April this year as the coronavirus pandemic impacted all the business activities.

According to the media report, Graham Clark, FSC chief executive officer said, “The workers were sent on unpaid leaves not on a permanent basis and we had decided to call them back once the situation returns to normalcy.”

He said that they have been called back as per the skills needed for different sections. Some are still on unpaid leaves and will be called as per their requirement.

At the same time pay cuts were implemented at FSC with 15 per cent for the senior management staff, seven per cent for the middle-level staff and five per cent for those on the lower scale staff.

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