Fiji: Sugarcane farmers hope for successful crushing season


Sugarcane crushing season in Fiji has begun and the cane farmers from Nadi region have geared up to contribute maximum during this harvest season.

A local farmer from Nadi said that he is hoping for a successful crushing season as his two farms were harvested.

“Everything is favourable for the sugarcane farmers this time. The machines are operating with speed and are in good condition. If this continues further, my experience suggests that this will be a very good season. I would be able to complete harvesting my 1,000 tones in seven days,” he further added.

The coronavirus pandemic has led to many in Fiji lose their jobs due to closure of the industries and other commercial units. However, the sugar sector has opened new opportunities for them generating jobs as sugarcane harvesters.

According to the local media reports, every year during harvesting season, around 70 per cent of mechanical harvester operators from India come to Fiji for harvesting the crop. This year the coronavirus threat has prevented them from entering into the country as the borders are locked. This has provided the opportunity for locals to operate as the harvesters.

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