Fiji: Sugarcane production is below desired level

The Fiji Sugar Corporation (FSC) is facing financial stress due to low sugarcane production, reported FBCNews.

They require roughly 235,000 tonnes of sugar production to achieve break-even revenue, as per Chief Executive Bhan Pratap Singh.

Singh raised concerns during a submission to a government committee. Cane production has fallen below the desired level of 2.5 million tonnes and continues to decline. He pointed out a concerning trend: cane production dropped from 1.8 million tonnes in 2014 to 1.566 million tonnes last year. This decline proportionally affects sugar and molasses production as well.

Singh said that the current dry weather is affecting both existing cane and the upcoming planting season. While acknowledging the climate challenges, he assured that FSC is actively preparing for the crushing season which starts next week at the Lautoka Mill, with the other two mills following suit in the coming weeks.


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