Fiji to engage Thailand-based Mitr Phol Group to help resolve sugar mill issues

Charan Jeath Singh, the Sugar Minister, has outlined the key priorities for the upcoming 2024 crushing season, focusing on addressing issues encountered at the Ba and Lautoka mills during the previous season. The government’s strategy involves enlisting the expertise of the Thailand-based Mitr Phol Group, known for its successful establishment of mills globally, reported FBCNews.

Singh has confirmed that officials from the Mitr Phol Group are scheduled to arrive in Fiji by mid-next month. The primary objective is to tackle the challenges faced by the mills in the previous crushing season before delving into ethanol and refinery projects.

“Their purpose is to come and have a look at the problems – the maintenance side of it – and try to resolve the problems together with the local staff,” stated Singh, highlighting the collaborative approach to address the issues effectively.

To facilitate the process, Singh mentioned that if the Fiji Sugar Corporation requires the importation of mill parts from Thailand, the visiting team of Mitr Phol Group officials will assist. The government has allocated $100,000 for this project, and the Mitr Phol Group officials are expected to make three trips to Fiji. One of these trips will coincide with the crucial crushing season.

Singh explained, “So once they come in and help us out in the maintenance of the mills, advise during the crushing, and just before the crushing ends, so that we have the full diagnosis of the problem and solve it.”

During their third visit, the Mitr Phol Group team will be invited to offer advisory input on the setup of the Rakiraki Mill, underlining a comprehensive approach to enhance the efficiency and performance of Fiji’s sugar mills.


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