Fiji to join Global Biofuels Alliance

Betul (Goa): In a significant stride towards bolstering global efforts for sustainable energy, Fiji has announced its decision to join the Global Biofuels Alliance during a bilateral meeting between Petroleum Minister Hardeep Puri and Fiji’s Deputy Prime Minister Biman Chand Prasad.

Reflecting on the productive discussions held during the meeting, Deputy Prime Minister Biman Chand Prasad expressed his enthusiasm for Fiji’s upcoming membership in the Global Biofuel Alliance.

He highlighted the constructive dialogue between the two nations, recalling his participation in last year’s meeting in Bengaluru. Prasad emphasized the positive outcomes of the ongoing collaboration and affirmed Fiji’s readiness to become a part of the global initiative.

Prasad said, “It was great to be here again, I was a part of this meeting last year in Bengalore and we had some very good discussion this morning and second one in which Honorable Minister Puri also participated but just now we have taled about Fiji becoming of The Global Fuel Alliance which we have agreed and very soon it will be approved by the Cabinet back in Fiji. So we as a country will be very happy to be a part of that”.

The announcement comes at a crucial juncture as nations worldwide intensify efforts to transition towards cleaner and renewable energy sources. Joining the Global Biofuel Alliance aligns with Fiji’s broader strategy to promote renewable energy and mitigate climate change impacts.

In addition to discussions on renewable energy initiatives, the bilateral meeting addressed other areas of mutual interest, including housing and development.

Deputy Prime Minister Biman Chand Prasad commended India’s expertise in developing low-cost housing solutions and expressed interest in potential collaborations in this area.

“We also had good discussions about some of the renewable energy projects and what India could offer such small island countries such as Fiji and obviously there are plans to look at much deeper and meaningful collaboration in that area. We had other discussions to housing and development, like India Fiji is also addressing a number of challenges particularly those in the informal sector and India of course has had experienced in developing a low cost housing for its people and in the area that we have discussed and we hope to collaborate in the future”, said Prasad.

The bilateral meeting underscores the strong bilateral ties between India and Fiji and sets the stage for enhanced cooperation in renewable energy and other strategic sectors.

As Fiji prepares to join the Global Biofuel Alliance, the move reaffirms the nation’s commitment to advancing sustainable development goals and contributing to global efforts for a greener future. (ANI)




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