Floods, rains, and red rot disease cause impacts on cane supply to sugar mill

Dhampur: Dhampur Sugar Mill has suffered losses due to floods, rainfall, and red rot disease, resulting in a decline in sugarcane production. The mill’s cane department is concerned about the situation, as the current crushing season has yielded less cane compared to the previous year, reported Amar Ujala.

During the 122-day season so far, the mill has crushed only 155 lakh quintals of sugarcane, which is 2 lakh quintals less than last year.

Omveer Singh, General Manager (Cane) of Dhampur Sugar Mill, stated that around 80,000 farmers supply sugarcane to the mill through seven cane committees. The cultivation was done in an area of around 48,000 hectares. However, floods, rains, and red rot disease destroyed standing crops in hundreds of hectares, leading to a massive loss of 50 lakh quintals of sugarcane.

The mill’s current season began on October 30, 2024, and is expected to conclude on April 20, 2025.


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