FNCCI urges India to allow sugar export to Nepal

The Nepalese people are facing challenges in celebrating Vijaya Dashami and Diwali this year due to a sugar shortage resulting from low production and India’s export restriction ahead of the festive season. To meet the domestic demand, Nepal usually imports sugar from neighbouring country India.

This year, India implemented restriction on sugar and rice exports to meet its own domestic needs. However, there has been a recent relaxation in the export of non-basmati rice to Nepal, which has brought relief to the country.

In response to India’s decision to ease rice exports to Nepal, Anjan Shrestha, Senior Vice President of the Federation of Nepalese Industries and Commerce (FNCCI), expressed gratitude and requested India’s assistance in easing the export of sugar to Nepal as well.

In a tweet, he said, “Grateful to @piyushgoyal for easing rice import to Nepal, a lifeline for our food security. Urgently appeal to ease the sugar import in Nepal too. People are enduring hardship during festivals without it. Please consider their plight.”


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