Former Haryana CM Bhupinder Hooda raises concerns over pending sugarcane payments

Chandigarh: In a statement issued on Saturday, former Haryana Chief Minister Bhupinder Hooda expressed his apprehension over the state government’s delay in disbursing payments to farmers for sugarcane and crop damage compensation, along with the ongoing fertiliser shortage, reported IANS.

Hooda criticised the government’s inaction, stating that it has failed to initiate the ‘girdwari’ (crop inspection) process promptly despite repeated demands from farmers. He accused the government of deliberately avoiding compensation payments, a pattern he observed during previous flood-affected years.

Furthermore, Hooda highlighted the government’s outstanding dues of Rs 487 crore to commission agents and workers, who have not received their wages since the conclusion of the paddy season. Similarly, sugarcane farmers have been waiting for payments since the commencement of the crushing season a month ago.

The fertiliser shortage, Hooda added, has further compounded the farmers’ woes, forcing them to wait in long queues for essential supplies. He attributed the shortage to the government’s mismanagement and lack of foresight.

Hooda urged the BJP-JJP government to address these critical issues promptly and ensure that farmers receive their due compensation, payments, and access to fertilisers. He emphasized the government’s responsibility to safeguard the well-being of the farming community.


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