Freight revenue leapfrogged to Rs 1.62 lakh Cr, a growth of nearly 15 per cent

Indian Railways has registered record revenue figures of Rs. 2.40 Lakh Crores for Financial Year 2022-23. This is nearly Rs.49,000 Crores more than the previous year, reflecting 25% growth. During this financial year 2022-23, Freight revenue too has leapfrogged to Rs.1.62 lakh Crores, a growth of nearly 15% on previous year. Indian Railways’ passenger revenues have registered an all-time high growth of 61% to reach Rs.63,300 Crores. After three years, Indian Railways is able to fully meet the pension expenditures. Buoyancy in revenues and tight expenditure management have helped in achieving an Operating Ratio of 98.14%, well within the RE target. After meeting all revenue expenditure, Railways generated Rs 3200 Crores for Capital investment from its internal resources (Rs.700 Cr for DRF, Rs. 1000 Cr for DF and Rs 1516.72 Cr for RRSK)

In terms of Traffic revenue, Indian Railways earned Rs 63,300 Cr. as passenger revenue in 2022-23 as compared to Rs 39,214 Cr. in 2021-22 which is 61% higher than the last financial year. Indian Railways earned Rs 5951 Cr as other coaching revenue in 2022-23 as compared to Rs 4899 Cr during 2021-22 which is 21% higher than the last financial year, Sundries revenue stood at Rs 8440 Cr during FY 22-23 as compared to Rs 6067 Cr in 2021-22 which is 39% higher than the last year. During 2022-23, Gross revenue stood at Rs 2,39,803 Cr compared to Rs 1,91,278 Cr in 2021-22. Also, Gross Traffic receipts stood at Rs 2,39,750 Cr as compared to Rs 1,91,206 Cr in 2021-22. Total Railway Receipts during 22-23 is Rs 2,39,892 Cr as compared to Rs. 1,91,367 Cr. in 2021-22. Total Railway expenditure during 22-23 is Rs 2,37,375 Cr as compared to Rs 2,06,391 Cr. in 2021-22. Operating ratio during FY 22-23 is 98.14%.

In terms of Capital expenditure, the Capital invested was Rs 1,09,004 Cr during FY 22-23 as compared to Rs 81,664 Cr in 21-22. Under Railway Safety fund, Rs 30,001 Cr was spent during 22-23 as compared to Rs. 11,105 Cr during 2021-22. Rs 10,239 cr was invested from funds raised through Sovereign Green Bonds for first time in 22-23. An investment of Rs 11,797 cr under Rashtriya Rail Sanrakhsa Kosh was made during FY23 for various safety works.

During 2022-23, Total GBS was Rs 1,59,244 Cr. as compared to Rs 1,17,507 Cr. during 21-22. Total capex was Rs 2,03,983 Cr as compared to Rs 1,90,267 Cr in 2021-22.

(Source: PIB)


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