From the Editor’s desk- Government faces balancing act: Sugar stock stability, ethanol blending and sugar industry’s financial prospects in focus

The coverage and quantum of rainfall have been good so far. The southern part of the country which has been drying up has received good rains, bringing much needed relief.

As things stand today from the sugar availability perspective in the country. The country has as of today about 147 lakh tons of sugar. The sugarcane crushing in the ongoing season is almost over, barring the special season of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka which will have some crushing activity.

If the sugar policy remains status quo, it could be expected that we will enter the next sugar season in October with a comfortable sugar carry-forward stock.

This week, the DFPD announced the monthly sugar quota for July at 24 LMT, similar to that of last year. However, as compared to the monthly sugar sale quota of June 2024 at 25.5 lakh tons, there was a reduction of 1.5 LMT for the July quota.

As the monsoon months progress, sugar demand tapers a bit, as seen previously. The sugar demand will once again start inching up from August onwards, as festive months begin and sugar demand is higher.

It could be said that the sugar demand and supply are very much in sync, and the country’s sugar dynamics are stable. The Government and especially the DFPD deserve a big applause for maintaining this stability, especially in the face of several uncertainties.

However, questions remain as to whether the Government will tweak its policies soon. The sugar industry is hankering for aligning sugar MSP with that of sugarcane FRP. Is a sugar MSP increase expected soon?

Also, the industry has asked for a review of the curbs imposed on sugar exports. At the 64th ISO Council meeting, international voices said that there is a huge demand for Indian sugar in the international market. Recently, during the press briefing, the Food Secretary has reiterated that there is no review of the sugar export policy.

Going forward and especially with the new sugar season in effect, the Government would be required to do a fine balancing act of ensuring sugar stock stability in the country, maintaining the pace of ethanol blending and safeguarding the financial interest of the sugar mills and cane farmers.

The unveiling of the suspense thriller is worth all the wait!

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  1. Dear Uppal Shahaji,
    Views put forth before the sugar industry peoples as well Govt. policy makers are very balancing but indirectly suggesting Government authorities to look in to the matter personally as early as possible giving priority as industry is eagerly waiting for Govt. decisions.
    Thank you so much!


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