From the Editor’s desk- The lifeline returns: Early arrival of the Southwest Monsoon brings hope

An important development took place this week. The much-anticipated Southwest Monsoon entered the Indian peninsula first gracing Kerala and the Northeastern states almost two days ahead of schedule. A lot is riding on a good monsoon and almost everyone from policymakers, farmers and industry to the common man is waiting with bated breath to see how the monsoon progresses and the quantum of rain it brings.

Why is the Southwest Monsoon so critical for this country? The simple answer lies in the fact that India is an agrarian country and the majority of the crops that are grown in this country are rain-fed. The monsoon rain replenishes water reservoirs, feeds irrigation channels and prepares the soil bed for successive crop growth.

The global temperatures have been on the boil for the last few years. India is no exception to this. Especially this year, the summer temperatures since April have gone through the roof in almost every region, state and district of India. The intense heatwave has not spared even the hills which is truly catastrophic. Hence the early arrival of the monsoon is particularly welcome this year. The cooling and nourishing rains of the monsoon are desperately needed to alleviate these conditions.

For the sugar industry, monsoon is equally critical, as much depends on the rains. After two bumper seasons, sugar production in the 2023-24 sugar season was affected due to lesser initials rains in Maharashtra and Karnataka. This led to several restrictions mainly on sugar exports and ethanol production, which were unsavoury for the sugar industry.

The sugar industry and the Government are working together to increase the cane yields from the current 76 tons per hectare to a targeted yield of around 83 tons per hectare. But for the time being, sugarcane growth and sugar production are still heavily dependent on a good and well-distributed monsoon.

The key question remains- how is the monsoon expected to fare? Several international and Indian weather bureaus have predicted above-normal monsoon rains for India. El Nino is making way for La Nina. However, the exact timing and impact of La Niña’s onset remain uncertain, compounded by the increasingly unpredictable nature of global climate patterns.

The Southwest Monsoon’s arrival is a beacon of hope, as it brings with it the promise of rejuvenation, growth and sustenance for the nation. Let us hope the rains fulfil its promise and provide the much-needed relief and prosperity that India so eagerly anticipates.

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