Frost impacts sugarcane crops in Brazil

Sao Paulo: Frosts have damaged the sugarcane crops in the center-south region of Brazil, said a report by a Rural Clima meteorologist.

Meteorologist and director at the weather service consultancy Marco Antonio dos Santos said that on Tuesday morning he received multiple videos showing frosts. We cannot predict the exact damage to the sugarcane crops at present, he said, stating that the temperature would rise on Wednesday after the cold front moves away.

The authorities have stated that the frost was stronger than the last one that has hit the crops.

Santos has predicted that the frost could return at the end of the month in the center-south region where sugarcane crops are grown.


Farmers faced the worst drought in 91 years in the first half of 2021 that has damaged the sugarcane crop output. According to the weather department there would be normal rain in the second half of September in the center-west region and a dry spell would arrive in October due to the La Nina effect.
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