FSSAI writes to State Food Safety Commissioners to ensure safe food for consumers

New Delhi: Food safety regulator FSSAI has written to state commissioners of food safety and regional directors of FSSAI to ensure safe and wholesome food for consumers.

In its letter to commissioners of food safety of all states and Union Territories and all regional directors of FSSAI, the central food regulator has asked them to ensure safe food to consumers.

“FSSAI State FDAs regularly undertake enforcement sampling of food products across the country to ensure the availability of safe and wholesome food to consumers. It is essential to ensure that food if found unsafe as per provisions of the FSS Act, 2006, has to be prohibited for sale/ recalled from the food supply chain to protect consumers.” said the letter.

The central food regulator says that if food samples are found unsafe in the primary test, state authorities should take action as per law which includes prohibition in sale of unsafe food and recalling unsafe foods from the market.

“If the enforcement samples are found unsafe in the primary lab report, you are requested to direct the Designated Officers (DOs) / Central Licencing Authorities (CLAS) under your respective jurisdiction to take the following action immediately, said the letter.

If the food samples lifted are found unsafe in the report of the Primary Food Laboratory test, State authorities are empowered to prohibit the sale of unsafe food products in the market.

State and regional FSSAI are also empowered to order the recall of unsafe food items from the market after implementing the prohibition of sale.

The unsafe food can be recalled If the Food Business Operators (FBOs) prefer an appeal against the report of the Primary Lab as per the provisions of the FSS Act, 2006, and the report of the Food Analyst of the Referral Laboratory declares the food unsafe. Unsafe foods should also be recalled if the FBO does not go for an appeal within the stipulated time.

State authorities can write and recommend to the FSSAI CEO or to the Commissioner of Food Safety of the State /UT and ask them to direct the FBO to immediately recall the implicated food products from the market under the Food Safety & Standards (Food Recall Procedure) Regulations, 2017. (ANI)


  1. If the FSSAI and State Food Commissioners are indeed concerned on the safety of human, then ninety percent of the eateries have to be shut down.
    Even, there are no authorities to keep vigil on the pricing of items. As long as people are not bothered until a tragedy strike, the authorities cool in their respective chambers under the A/C.


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