Future of Nizam Sugar Factory in the doldrums


Hyderabad: The future of the Nizam Sugar factory is bleak as there are least chances of revival of the sugar mill.

The eight-decade old sugar mill also known as Nizam Deccan Sugars Limited (NDSL) that was set up in 1937 has stopped operations since 2015. The sugarcane farmers, as well as workers associated with the mill, are awaiting for the mill to start operations. The workers have not received salaries for the last five years from the mill.

S Kumara Swami, general secretary, NDSL staff and workers said, “The politicians are responsible for the plight of the sugar mill.”

G Gopal Reddy, Bodhan Sugarcane Growers Association general secretary said, all parties promise revival of the sugar mill but have done very little in this direction.


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