Ghana takes steps to revive sugar industry

The Ghana government is taking steps to revive the sugar sector in the country. The Ministries of Agriculture, Finance and trade and a private sector company are taking efforts for the same.

The revival will boost the sugar sector in the country as there is scope for consumption as well as industrial use of the sugar in the country.

According to the media report, the country’s sugar production is very low as compared with previous years. The first sugar factory was set up in the country in 1965 for crushing 2000 tonne sugarcane per day. In the same year, a second factory was set up in Komenda for crushing 1000 ton sugarcane per day. Both factories stopped operations due to technical issues and poor management.

Now with the increase in population and rise in the sugar consumption the country is planning to start sugar production on its own. The country is expected to consume sugar around 850,000 tonnes per year by 2030. The government plans to revive the sugarcane and sugar production capacity to reduce the sugar imports and generate jobs for the people.

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