Gilgit-Baltistan: Protests held in Skardu over hike in prices of wheat

Gilgit-Baltistan [PoK], December 28 (ANI): A protest on the call of the coordination committee of the All-Party Alliance was held in the Skardu area of Pakistan-Occupied Kashmir’s Gilgit-Baltistan against the rise in the price of wheat and the removal of subsidy, Pakistan vernacular media Daily K2 reported.

All the political, religious, social and nationalist parties and traders’ organisations gathered at Yadgar Chowk and protested against the government’s decision to increase the price of wheat and end the subsidy. The protesters rejected the government’s decision to hike the price of wheat.

While addressing the protesters, Ghulam Hussain Athar, Sheikh Ahmed Tarabi, Sheikh Fida Zeeshan, Qari Ghulam Rasool, Najaf Ali Ahmad Chu Shigari, Wajid Ahmad Khan, Manzoor Yultar, Wazir Hasnain, Shabbir Mayar, Haji Muhammad Taqi, Aqeel Advocate and others have said that the government is constantly showing stubbornness by increasing the price of wheat.

They said that people will raise their voice against injustices at every forum. They called on the government to not let the situation deteriorate. They accused the government is trying to break them and determined to worsen the situation “through its agents,” according to Daily K2 report.

Protesters accused the government of threatening them with serious consequences. They said that government should stop such tactics and warned that otherwise the situation would turn serious, Pakistan vernacular media Daily K2 reported.

Protesters said they will not sell or bow down despite the government trying to buy them. They said government is trying to avoid talks with people over the price increase. However, the protesters said they will not remain silent.

Calling the provincial food minister “puppet,” protesters said he is badmouthing those who are holding protests over the rise in price of wheat, Daily K2 reported. Meanwhile, people of Shigar held protests over the rise in the price of wheat and the Finance Act 2023.

People gathered at Hussaini Chowk and raised their demands. Addressing the protesters, the heads of the Awami Action Committee, Hasan Shagri Advocate, Aghajan, Wazir Naseem and Zaheer Abbas and others said that the increase in the price of wheat will not be accepted and called for the restoration of previous price. The protest will continue on the call of the Gilgit-Baltistan Awami Action Committee.

Meanwhile, the Public Action Committee Gilgit Baltistan held a joint meeting of the core committee and advisory council at a local hotel and rejected the government’s decision to set the price of a bag of wheat at Rs 3600 and the imposition of cruel taxes under the Finance Act 2023, Pakistan vernacular media reported.

The committee declared the decisions anti-people and said that the announcement of giving 7 kg of wheat per person is like throwing dust in the eyes of the people. Despite the increase in the price of wheat last year, neither was provided to the people.

In the press release after the meeting, it was said that the Public Action Committee will not allow the government and its followers to take money from the people’s mouths, and since 2013, there has been a fierce and strong movement, according to Pakistan vernacular media report.

Speaking to the media after the meeting, Ghulam Hussain Athar, the coordinator of the coordination committee of the All-Party Alliance, said that the government has now taken the initiative in the attack.

“We will counterattack, in which the government will retreat. A few people made a big deal for the nation through facilitation. We will never forgive the traders of the nation. People increased the price of wheat for their salaries and privileges and made a deal with the nation,” said Athar.

“There should not be any kind of tampering. Talks of giving seven kilos per person are being done to avoid a possible public reaction. We will not be seduced,” added Athar.


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