Global Biofuels Alliance eyes more countries to join it

New Delhi: The Global Biofuels Alliance (GBA), backed by India, is looking for new country members from Southeast Asia and Africa, with the Philippines and Tanzania having recently joined the alliance, reported Live Mint.

The alliance was formally launched on September 9 during the G20 Summit. However, prominent players such as China, Russia, and Saudi Arabia have opted to remain outside its purview. Notably, Russia and Saudi Arabia are pivotal crude oil producers, and biofuels present a credible alternative to conventional crude. 

With the inclusion of the Philippines and Tanzania, the GBA’s membership has now reached 21 countries. This comprises seven G20 countries, four G20 invitee countries, and ten non-G20 nations. The G20 member countries encompass Argentina, Brazil, Canada, India, Italy, South Africa, and the US, while G20 invitees include Bangladesh, Singapore, Mauritius, and the UAE. The non-G20 countries in the alliance comprise Iceland, Kenya, Guyana, Paraguay, Seychelles, Sri Lanka, Uganda, and Finland.

India, which has taken the lead in initiating and facilitating the alliance’s formation, is contemplating the establishment of a temporary executive committee. This committee would include representatives from each member nation to oversee the alliance’s operations and initiate a new membership process. The membership of the GBA is interest-based, with any country expressing a desire to join the alliance being eligible to sign up and become a member. The committee, once formed, is expected to outline the prerequisites for membership and establish a membership application process.

The GBA is a consortium of governments, international organizations, and industries, introduced as an initiative by India during its presidency of the G20. Its core purpose is to unite the most significant consumers and producers of biofuels to drive the development and deployment of biofuels.



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