Goa: Farmers demand reopening of Sanjivani sugar mill

Sanguem: A majority of farmers in Wadem, Rivona, and Canacona have once again opted for transport contractor Francisco Mascarenhas services in harvesting and transporting their crops, reported Herald gGa.

Known as Ayetin, Francisco has been assisting these farmers with harvesting and transportation since the Sanjivani Sugar Factory halted cane crushing four years ago.

Expressing contentment, farmers gathered in Neturlim mentioned they have received full payment for the past four years for Francisco’s services. Francisco has assured farmers of a payment of Rs 1,800 per tonne, covering all associated costs, including labor charges and transportation expenses.

Francisco highlighted that farmers can expect a higher price for their produce this year due to reduced sugarcane production in Karnataka. Farmers, emphasizing their concerns, urged the swift reopening of the Sanjivani Sugar Factory, especially with the government’s five-year compensation period for the factory’s closure nearing its end.

In case of the government’s failure to promptly restart the sugar factory, farmers issued a warning of taking to the streets, underscoring the necessity of the new ethanol plant.


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