Goa: Sanjivani sugar mill begins sugarcane harvesting at Dharbandora farm

Ponda, Goa: Sanjivani Sahakari Sakhar Karkhana has commenced the sugarcane harvesting process at its farm in Dharbandora starting on Sunday, reported The Times of India.

The factory administrator, Satej Kamat, has reported that they have engaged the services of Gemini Associates for this task, specifically their agro division unit, Waystar Agro Private Limited.

As per media report, WayStar has deployed a team of 50 laborers to carry out the harvest of approximately 400 metric tonnes of sugarcane at the farm. The company will procure the harvested sugarcane and compensate Sanjivani at a rate of Rs 1,150 per tonne, providing a swift and efficient payment process.

Sanjivani has cultivated three distinct varieties of sugarcane, including C86032, C92005, and C10001, on its farm. These varieties boast a higher recovery rate, with a sugar content of 11 to 12%, compared to the local varieties, which typically yield 8 to 9%.

Notably, Sanjivani suspended its production activities in 2019, prompting local cultivators to sell their sugarcane produce to sugar factories situated outside the region. However, the collaboration with Gemini Associates has streamlined the payment process, ensuring that payments are disbursed within a week.



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