Goa: Sugarcane farmers association issues 15-day ultimatum for decision on ethanol plant

Ponda, Goa: The Sanjivani sugarcane farmers association has issued a 15-day ultimatum to the Goa government to decide on the proposed ethanol plant on the Sanjivani Sugar Factory land, reported Herald Goa.

The association has warned that if the government does not clear its stand within the stipulated timeframe, it will launch an agitation and prevent any other projects from being set up on the site.

Association president Rajendra Desai stated that the government had previously expressed its inability to restart the sugar factory and had advised the farmers to find a contractor to operate an ethanol plant. The farmers identified a suitable contractor from Karnataka, and a meeting was held with Chief Minister Pramod Sawant and Social Welfare Minister Subhash Phal Dessai to discuss the project. However, the government has yet to provide a clear stance on the proposal.

Desai emphasized that the government must make a decision promptly, or the association will be compelled to take action. He reaffirmed the association’s commitment to preventing any alternative projects from being established on the sugar factory land.

Other office bearers of the association, including Harshal Prabudesai, Dayanand Faldesai, Francis Mascarenhas, and Gurudas Gaad, were present at the press conference.


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