Goa: Sugarcane farmers complain of unpaid dues

Goa: In Sanguem, several sugarcane farmers have raised complaints about the non-payment of their dues. They have accused a transport contractor of wrongfully withholding their earnings, although the contractor denies these allegations, reported Herald Goa.

The backdrop to this dispute is the temporary closure of the Sanjivani Sugar Factory for renovation. Consequently, sugarcane cultivated in Goa needed to be transported to the Laila Sugar Factory in Karnataka, with a predetermined rate set by the Sanjivani Sugar Factory after evaluating the standing crops of local farmers.

Since Goa lacks a significant number of sugarcane harvesters, farmers often engage harvesters from neighboring states. These laborers arrive for a specified period, harvest as much as they can, and then return to their hometowns. This practice occasionally results in some unharvested crop, which is subsequently burned to facilitate replanting. In the past, this burnt crop was accepted by the Sanjivani sugar factory.

Farmers alleged, the Laila Factory declined to accept such a crop, citing the minimal juice extraction potential. In the 2019-20 season, certain farmers from Sanguem sent their burnt harvest to Laila Factory, which purportedly rejected it. Despite assurances from the Sanjivani Sugar Factory, which had pledged to cover the transportation costs to factory, these farmers are still awaiting payment for their rejected crop.


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