Goa: Sugarcane farmers protest, seek clarity on ethanol plant

Sugarcane farmers, dismayed by the government’s inability to fulfill its commitment to restart the Ethanol Plant at the Sanjivani Sugar Factory, launched a protest at Azad Maidan on Monday, following a four-day demonstration at the factory, reported Herald Goa.

The discontented farmers are urging the Chief Minister to provide clarity on the future of Sanjivani. Rajendra Desai, the president of the Sugarcane Farmers’ Association, expressed frustration, stating, “The Chief Minister has supported the demand to start the ethanol plant, but we are not sure about the government’s intention. He should clarify the government’s stand on it.”

Seeking a resolution to the prolonged uncertainty surrounding the fate of the ethanol plant, the farmers stressed the importance of receiving clear information about whether the proposed ethanol plant will materialize at Sanjivani. A farmer highlighted the concern, stating, “The Chief Minister should not put us in a dilemma about starting the sugar factory. After compensating us for four years, the government won’t assist us from next year.”

The farmers asserted that their primary demand is for the government to initiate an ethanol plant and claimed that a contractor is prepared to operate the plant at the Sanjivani factory. They alleged that the government remains silent and unresponsive to their demands.


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