Goa: Sugarcane farmers seek government clarity on sugar factory revival

Sanguem: Amidst mounting uncertainty surrounding the reopening of the Sanjivani Sugar Factory, cane cultivators from Sanguem are urging the government to swiftly clarify its stance on the matter, reported Herald Goa.

According to the media report, with the government’s designated period for compensating cane cultivators following the sugar factory’s closure nearing its end this season, farmers in Sanguem, who relied heavily on sugarcane cultivation as a primary revenue source, find themselves merely surviving on assurances with no concrete actions materializing on the ground.

Francisco Mascarenhas, a prominent figure among cane cultivators, highlighted the government’s failure to fulfil its commitment to presenting an agenda for the Sanjivani Sugar Factory by the previously set deadline of March 31, which has since passed.

Despite the looming uncertainty, a considerable number of cane cultivators have not lost faith in the government and have opted to cultivate sugarcane again this year in anticipation of a resolution.

“The government needs to establish a clear policy as we farmers find ourselves on the receiving end,” said Josinho D’Costa, a seasoned cane cultivator uncertain about his future post-harvest.


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